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Beit Immanuel Congregation is an Israeli fellowship of Messianic Jews and Gentiles who believe that Yeshua is the Messiah who came to fulfill the prophesies in the Tanach (Hebrew scriptures), and that he is the Suffering Servant written about in Isaiah 53, the one who institutes a New Covenant as it is written in Jeremiah.

Pictured is a needlepoint  collage created in 1982 by some of our women.
Beit Immanuel Congregation

Our Guest House welcomes tourists, travelers and groups throughout the year. More than one guest has described it as a "peaceful and spiritual oasis".

                   Beit Immanuel,
        represents a movement
      dating back to the 1800's dedicated to Aliyah, and the proclamation of the Messianic Jewish hope.

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Beit Immanuel, Auerbach st. 8, Jaffa. P.O.Box 2773, Tel Aviv 61027, Israel. Phone (972) 3-6821459 Fax (972) 3-6829817
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